Our Ultimate Development Setup 2

It’s been nearly a couple of years since Our ultimate development setup and since things change quickly in web development, it’s time to show what we are using for web development at the end of 2014.

1. PhpStorm (still)

Storm is now on version 8. and it’s still awesome. For our team, PhpStorm is still the best all round IDE for web development. This release has added some great new features: Blade templating, Behat integration, improved debugging, cleaner interface and loads of editor improvements. By using the Node JS plugin for storm and pulling open the REST request panel, I turned PhpStorm into an enjoyable single-window IDE for Node JS API development. Single Window Node JS API Development - 56kilobit  

2. Coda 2.5

Coda is still my go-to editor for quick ad-hoc file edits, FTP connections, and remote SSH sessions. The latest version has apparently added Code Completion, I’ve played around with this a bit and it’s ok; still no-where near as good and PhpStorm’s autocomplete and codebase indexing.   Coda 2.5

3. Coda Kit 2

While the Code Kit interface does confuse me form time to time, I would probably struggle to live without it. CodeKit takes care of so much for me: compiling SASS files, minifying JS and CSS, linting, exposing libraries and automatically updating the browser to reflect changes. Definitely recommend. CodeKit  

4. MAMP Pro 3

The latest version of MAMP pro has added the ability to set specific PHP versions per host, and provides a way to share local development sites via Xip.io. Such a handy tool. MAMP Pro 3 -

5. Sequal Pro

Still great. Still free. Sequal Pro

6. Scrutiny

Scrutiny is a great tool for site mapping. It can also be used as an error checking and security tool. Worth having in the arsenal for sure. Scrutiny Site mapping tool

7. Font Ninja

This is a great google chrome plugin which will quickly tell you the properties of any font on a web page. Simple and super useful. FontNinja    

8. Chrome

At some point over the last couple of years, we have migrated from using FireFox and Firebug, to Chrome and it’s built-in inspector. I guess we just think it’s the better option now. You don’t need a screenshot.   I’d love to heard about any software or tools you are using which makes your development life easier. Any tips, please comment below and share.