Super Interesting Scientific YouTube Channels

My absolute favourite thing about the internet is access to free education and information. It’s pretty easy to find out almost anything you could want to know and one of my top evening hobbies is absorbing as much information as I can from books, websites and super interesting YouTube channels. Here are some of my favs: Vsauce – Mind-Blowing Facts & The Best of the Internet. Numberphile – Videos about numbers – it’s that simple. Engineeringguy – Oddball videos on engineering. Veritasium – The science video blog from atoms to astrophysics! MinutePhysics – Simply put: cool physics and other sweet science. TheNewBoston – Tons of sweet computer related tutorials and some other awesome videos too! DeepSkyVideos – Exploring deep space – one video at a time. Including videos about the famous Messier Catalogue and access to world-class telescopes. SixySymbols – Cool videos about physics and astronomy. TheBigThink – A knowledge forum featuring the ideas, lessons, stories and advice of leading experts from around the world. SmarterEveryDay – Explore the world using science. That’s pretty much all there is to it. CGP Grey – Complex things explained. ViHart – A professional mathemusician at Khan Academy. TEDTalks – TEDTalks shares the best ideas from the TED Conference with the world, for free: trusted voices and convention-breaking mavericks, icons and geniuses, all giving the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. If you are at all curious about the word and universe around you, subscribe to at least all of these YouTube channels and enjoy.