Above. Node only has one Zombie package but lots of bacon. Dear Industry, You’re confused. Different platforms adopt their own definition of these terms. Joomla uses ‘Module’ to describe dynamic elements which can be assigned to template positions. WordPress calls this a ‘Widget’ and October CMS calls this a ‘component’. In Drupal, a package which extends the functionality of the application is called a Module, which Joomla would call a ‘component’. And the Drupal equivalent of a Widget? A “block” […]
Productivity Factor When it comes to estimating development timescales we are nearly always wrong. Why? When a developer is asked how long a bespoke piece of work is going to take, they are being asked ‘how long does it take to do this thing you’ve never done before?’ The best we can do is guess based on past experience, a guess for a small piece of work is normally slightly wrong, a guess for a large piece of work, in […]
Over the last few months I have been working on and off creating a node module designed to easily expose a RESTful interface to MongoDB powered data layer. I will talk more about this module soon (it will be open source) but let me say that at some point along the way I became obsessed with achieving the perfect RESTful implementation. At points my obsession may have bordered on martyrdom, but alas (or thankfully) I have now come to realise […]
Image Credit: John Shier Web application development is an arena that is fairly easy to get into if you are equipped with the right sort of mind and mentality. In most cases it requires no formal education on the subject at all and the majority are self-taught. In fact, my thoughts are that the industry is so fast-moving, that by the time schools can create a ‘relevant’ syllabus, it’s probably, well; irrelevant. Online learning resources such as code-school, treehouse and […]
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